Can Women Have it All?

By Ashley Paniagua

The “Women Can Have it All” brunch gave me a lot to think about. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into the brunch but at the end of it, I had a lot of self-evaluating to do.

I truly believe that women can have it all: career and a family. At least I thought I did. After having the discussion with my fellow women and gentlemen at the table, I realized something. Subconsciously, I was living my life as if I can’t have it all because I am solely focused on my professional career and I truly believe that before I can even think of having a family, my career needs to be in order first.

I started to think, where did this come from? When did this subconscious behavior start? I began thinking of my mom who juggled being a mother, wife, having a full-time job and going to school part-time.  This all could have seemed impossible had she not had the support of my dad and my grandmother.

One of the things my group members and I discussed was that support is key in us women having it all.  It is important that while we are looking for a potential mate, we ask the right questions and find out if a potential partner is willing to support us as we move up in our professional career.

It was very empowering but most of all rewarding to be surrounded by women who have the same views and beliefs as me. Here I thought I was alone, a young professional in my late twenties not even close to settling down and having a family.  But I realized the women sitting next to me felt the same way I did.

At the end of the brunch, myself and the other women agreed that women can have it all with much needed support. We must start as of now building a foundation with our mates or future mates to ensure that they are supportive of us in our career goals and are willing to step up and share the responsibilities of parenting and family life so that we in fact can have it all.


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