What Does Diversity Mean to You?

A word from Robert Childs, SVP of Human Resources and Chief Learning Officer – American Express


“DIVERSITY is very important in the world and it’s much more than just representation of people. Representation is a start, but the reason you want to have representation from different points of view is so that you can bring them together and be more inclusive. The more you can become inclusive you gain different perspectives that make whatever you’re trying to do stronger. If you only do something from one point of view, it will not have the sustainability to live very long.  The more you can bring different points of view, different cultures, different gender perspectives and have them work together, it will fortify what you’re trying to do.

Representation is the first step. Inclusion is the ultimate step.

I heard an expression that a consultant said that I just love. She said, ‘Representation is like being invited to the school dance. Dancing is the inclusion part to it.’

So we all want to dance with everyone else.”

What does DIVERSITY mean to you? Let us know in the comments.


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