Career Management: Three Tips for Success for First Time Managers

By Aisha M. Taylor


Becoming a manager is a career accomplishment that many aspire to reach. Whether you’re entry-level or you’ve been working for quite some time, becoming the leader of a team can be just as challenging as it can be rewarding. Consider these tips to help you reach your maximum potential as a newbie manager:

Lead with confidence: The biggest mistake that many new managers make is in doubting their every move. Staff members aren’t likely to trust a manager who doesn’t have a backbone, so don’t allow your newness to the role affect your ability to make solid decisions. If you didn’t have the skills necessary for the job, you wouldn’t have been put in a position to lead. Trust your decision-making instincts and show others they hired the right person for the job.

Set clear boundaries: Many new managers find that the dynamics of their work relationships change the moment they’re asked to manage co-workers and even friends. It’s OK to maintain casual relationships outside of work, but don’t let them interfere with your staff’s productivity. In addition, you never want to start a management role by trying to become friends with everyone you lead. These friendships can easily lead to stress and conflict in the work environment, particularly when things don’t go as planned.

Master your craft: Learn as much as you can about effective management. Whenever possible, study the methods of skilled managers that you’ve encountered and glean from their know-how. Remember, you can learn just as much from bad managers as you can from good ones. It’s also a good idea to read books dedicated to making you a better.  Consider The First-Time Manager and The New Managers Tool Kit: 21 Things You Need to Know to Hit the Ground Running.

About the Author, Aisha M. Taylor
aisha-taylorAisha Taylor (@realTAYLORmade) is co-owner and chief consultant at TAYLORmade Professional Career Consulting, a Web-based, full-service career consulting company committed to “equipping, preparing, and empowering today’s professional” globally.

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