Event Recap: High turnout for Black Brown and Digital

By Sophia Brewer

black brown and digital panel 2013

How do you launch a webseries? Well, it’s all about the audience, and in a packed stadium-style theater at MIST Harlem sat close to 200 people ready to take part in Black, Brown and Digital. In the first collaborative effort between Creatively Speaking Film Series and Project Blaq, BBdigital served as the ultimate kick-off to Internet week in NYC.  With the addition of music and food, the free event brought together the creators of web series and vloggers, or video bloggers, made by people of color for a curated discussion about the new media culture in the digital world.

Besides having the experience of being in a room with other like-minded people, Empress Varnado, assistant curator for Creatively Speaking, says this occasion was special to her because it has provided people of color the opportunity to put our own material out. “Web series are the wave of the future. We have content creators making their own stuff and not waiting for jobs to be given to them,” said Varnado.

Jasmin Goodman, Creator of Project Blaq says BBDigital was special to her because previously there was a void in the digital world. “No one had yet thought to create a community of indie black and brown filmmakers who are creating for the web. By connecting creators with their audience in a conversation about how to monetize, we are able to effectively grow this industry,” said Goodman.

After a montage of various web series trailers were shown on screen, including Lenox Avenue and Open City Mixtape, series creators were invited up to an open panel discussion on why they decided to film certain topics and how to obtain funding.

Michael Cordero, producer for East Willy B, a Latino series based in a Bushwick neighborhood that touches on subjects including gentrification and the pros and cons on the renovation of Brooklyn neighborhoods stated, “We chose this content because no one is talking about it.”

Tony Clomax, creator and director of 12 Steps to Recovery, an award-winning romantic comedy about an NYC actor getting back in the dating scene after suffering from heartache, says it’s all about getting your project to the next level. “I uploaded 21 episodes online and the show was picked up by a cable network.” The creator hired 100 actors from NYC that were featured in his film. As far as funding, Clomax used unemployment money to create episodes and pay actors. “If you want to achieve anything in life, you have to make sacrifices,” he noted. According to the director, 60 percent of his series was also shot using sponsorship money.

BBDigital attendee Cheryll Williams says the event was good and informative and a great opportunity to expose everyone to the idea of black independent films. “I thought many of the series that were shown dealt with some issues that many can relate to regardless of race or background. They covered everything from dating in NYC, to drug addiction, chasing the American Dream and even gentrification.”

Be sure to look out for future projects held by Creatively Speaking and Project Blaq as both are poised to do some great work together. “We got to work brainstorming our next event the day after BBDigital,” said Goodman.

For more information, visit ProjectBlaq.com and CreativelySpeaking.tv

About the Author, Sophia Brewer

sophia-brewerSophia Brewer is a transplant to NYC from Atlanta, Ga. She obtained a M.A Journalism from Columbia College in Chicago and received a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from Clark Atlanta University. Throughout her studies, she interned at top news stations in Chicago and Atlanta. In addition, she served as a Publicity Assistant for a NFL player.


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