5 Personal Finance Blogs to Watch

By Kara I. Stevens


I have built my life around the tenets of mindful spending and juicy living.  I travel. I go out.  I attend to my spiritual and intellectual needs.  I pursue and fund my present-day passions all while being debt free and aggressively saving and investing for my financial future.

There is no money martyrdom on my watch.

While not all of my personal finance blogger colleagues may adhere to a  “mindful spending equals juicy living” philosophy, their spins on how to amass wealth and engage in financial self-care, are nonetheless on time and thoughtful.

In the spirit of sharing and community building, here are five of my favorite personal finance blogs by fellow young black professionals.

1. Girls Just Want to Have Funds

Ginger is a no-nonsense personal finance blogger. What I love about this site is that she shares the financial implications of her personal experiences, which range from surviving a recent divorce to calling out freeloading friends. Most recently, she quit her job to blog full-time and run a private psychotherapy practice.

Here is one of my favorite posts from Girls Just Want To Have Funds: Are You Playing the Wife Role for the Girlfriend’s Salary?

2.The Budgetnista

Tiffany is a first-generation American after my own heart. She lives life on purpose and has found ways to live the life she wants (i.e. she plans for quarterly mini-retirements to allow her to pursue her passion of travel) as an entrepreneur.

Here is one of my favorite posts from The Budgetnista: How I Became The Budgetnista: The Bike Story

3. Your Finances Simplified

Dominique is a funny guy that makes understanding property ownership, debt management, and credit cards very easy to understand. He is also a doting father and husband.

Here is my favorite post from Your Finances Simplified: 3 Money Misconceptions About My Marriage

4. The Money Coach

I began reading Lynette’s work shortly after graduating from college. I even met her at a homeownership workshop. (I was super stoked.) I read her book Zero Debt while I was in my get-me-out-of-this phase and it really kept me grounded. I have the utmost respect for her body of work.

Check out one of my favorite posts from her site: 3 Great Tips To Get Out of Credit Card Debt

5. Double Saving Divas

Tarin and Tai are financially savvy identical twin sisters and investment bankers turned money-saving experts. They are also COUPON QUEENS.

Here is one of my favorite posts from these ladies: How To Save While Developing Your Business Idea

Technology has made the playing field more even in terms of accessing information to improve our lives. These blogs, including my own, prove that young black professionals are serious about their money and serious about sharing what they know.

About the Author, Kara I. Stevens
Kara I. Stevens is super stoked to be a member of the NYULYP Communications Committee. By day, she is an educational administrator. By night, she attends to her blog, FabulousNFrugal, an online home for “financial empowerment, mindful spending, and juicy living.”


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