An Open Letter to Future YPers

By Lauren Legette

nyulyp join week 2014

Dear Future YPer,

Shortly after moving to New York City, I began searching for an organization that was servicing the community, uplifting African American youth, and one that would provide me with a platform to connect with young professionals who share similar interests. Through my search, I found a number of organizations that were outside of my financial limits or that didn’t quite meet the age demographic I was searching for. A dear friend told me to consider the New York Urban League’s Young Professionals and I’m so glad she did.

As with anything in life, I knew I would only be able to get as much as I put into YP so I immediately hit the ground running. I began searching for the committee that would best fit my skills and interests. At an YP social event sponsored by Scripps Networks, Jemar Ward, President of NYULYP, introduced me to the chair of the communications committee, Jasmine Humphrey. Together we discussed ways for me to contribute to the team and YP at large. Through this, YP has given me the opportunity to serve a greater purpose.

Through my membership, I have developed friendships with previous strangers and reconnected with former college classmates. As a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, moving to NYC and knowing very few people was a bit of a challenging transition. My involvement with NYULYP helped to ease that awkward phase and solidified my network in the area. Essentially, YP has given me a solid network of friends and mentors that I can call on for anything.

In 2013, I was selected by the YP affiliate, New York Urban League, to represent the Young Professionals at the 2013 Black Executive Exchange Program Conference in Orlando, Florida. At the conference, I sat on a panel with various professionals sharing insight with students on entering the “real world” and the importance of getting involved in professional organizations. The opportunity was such an honor as I was among many high level executives. I absorbed a great deal of knowledge being shared by CEOs, VPs and other notable professionals. YP has informed and inspired me by sharing success stories from leading professionals in a plethora of industries.

Looking back over the last two years, I have nothing but fond memories, an array of friendships and a laundry list of experiences I can take with me. As we experience Join Week 2014, I encourage you to find your niche and make it work! YP is all about combining your individual interests and experiences to develop our members and the community at large.

Happy Join Week!

Yours in the Movement,

Lauren Legette

To learn more about Join Week 2014, the NYULYP webpage.

About the Author, Lauren Legette 

Lauren Legette

Lauren Legette is a 2011 graduate of Hampton University.  She is now a Marketing Manager at Fast Company Magazine in New York, New York.


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