YP Member of the Month: E. Eaundre Skeete

Congratulations to E. Eaundre for his service within the Fund Development Committee. NYULYP is proud to name him Member of the the Month for December 2013.

E. Eaundre Skeete

About E. Eaundre:
E. Eaundre pursued graduate and postgraduate studies in Tourism policy and Global Affairs and is currently a member of the diplomatic community where he currently serves as Vice Consul for Barbados. His commitment to the NYULYP is steadfast and he is enthusiastic about participating in numerous activities throughout the year and leveraging his resources to assisting the organization in fulfilling its mission and attaining its annual goals and objectives. “I’m humbled to be recognized by NYULYP as member of the month but my contribution to the organization was inspired by the passion, enthusiasm  and commitment that the members I serve with embody in their quest to make a meaningful difference. It is that passion and drive that I hope propels us as a collective to greater heights and an ever expanding profundity of impact.”

E. Eaundre shared this about NYULYP:
E. Eaundre Skeete is immensely passionate about community service and the meaningful impact it has in shaping lives. In this vein, he views the NYULYP as a catalyst to enacting positive change in the communities it serves. “After many years of contributing financially to many charitable organizations, I felt it was important to go beyond just giving financial support and make a more meaningful impact by getting off the sidelines, stepping out of my comfort zones and being the change that I want to see in my community. I firmly believe the contemporary moment demands nothing less than our meaningful engagement in the fierce urgency of now. I’m very passionate about YP because it affords me the opportunity to make a meaningful difference and its members embody the positive ideals of selfless giving, humility and personal and professional empowerment of each other and these attributes with which I can readily identify.”

NYULYP is a unique entity of the NYUL designed to serve as an empowerment forum for individuals ages 21-40 that live and work throughout the five boroughs of New York City. The organization trains, develops and educates young professionals to take leadership roles within the National Urban League (NUL), the civil rights movement and society-at-large.

Membership Criteria:
  • Be between the ages of 21-40
  • Pay annual membership dues ($75)

Membership Benefits:

  • Network with many of NYC’s most talented and socially conscious young professionals
  • Attend programs and seminars that will heighten your political awareness, increase your leadership abilities, and leverage your talents to fulfill community needs
  • Involvement in our standing communities: Civics & Economics, Community Service, Fund Development, Communications, Membership
  • Become apart of a deep rooted community-based organization with a long standing history of excellence in serving NYC’s least and under-served communities

How To Join:
Contact Erika Beckles, Membership Chair if you have any questions and need additional information. If you enjoy meeting people and want to learn about the work of an exceptional organization, the NYUL, we invite you to JOIN NOW.


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