Get Connected! 7 Dope Sistas to Follow on Twitter

By Chike ‘Entrepreneur Coach’ Uzoka

20140729 GRIOT

If it weren’t for the women in my life, I wouldn’t be who I am today.  Throughout my life, my mother and sister have sacrificed a lot for me, and I owe them more than they’ll ever know.  Even through my crazy younger years, they’ve been extremely supportive in my endeavors.  Well, most of the time.

Below are some amazing, hard-working, and world-changing Sistas that I’m connected with on Twitter, a few I have the honor of knowing personally.  I’ve learned tons from following the amazing work they do, so it’s only right that I shout ‘em out and share with you. I suggest you connect with them too!

  • @TheBudgetnistaTiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche is a teacher of fun financial empowerment and will help you get your money right!  Best-selling Author of The One Week Budget, she is also Founder of CLD Financial, a speaker and blogger for @HuffPost.  Connect with her and see more of the awesome work she does at
  • @DreenaWhitfield – Founder of @WhitPR, a boutique strategic communications firm, Dreena Whitfield gets her clients in Essence, Ebony, Vanity Fair, Jet, and Black Enterprise just to name a few – and it doesn’t stop there.  She definitely knows PR and can help your brand get to where it needs to be seen! Connect with her at
  • @ButterlyDreamin – As Founder of J. Lindsay Consulting, a nonprofit management consultancy, Joy Lindsay has a Finance degree from Howard University and an MPA in Public & Nonprofit Management & Policy from NYU.  She’s also the Founding Storyteller at Butterfly Dreamz, an organization that creates products & services that inspire dreams through storytelling  & art. #ButterflyDreamz
  • @WendyCasting – As the Founder of In The Wink of An Eye, Motivational Acting Coach & Casting Director Wendy Mckenzie has casted some big names in major roles.   In addition to that, she’s a public speaker, facilitates leadership seminars, and provides career coaching as well. #WorkGetsWork
  • @SmallBizLady – Every Wednesday evening from 8-9 pm EST, Melinda Emerson hosts @SmallBizChat with a different guest on a range of topics.  So much knowledge is dropped in this hour that you may be put in twitter jail trying to keep up.  Her featured guests answer questions from Melinda and whoever uses the hashtag #SmallBizChat.
  • @MaishaWalker – Small Business Internet Strategist, Eternal Questioner, and author of “Web Site Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs”, Maisha Walker wears many hats.  She’s the President of Message Medium, a digital marketing agency; Contributing Editor with Inc. Magazine; and National President of the Black Ivy Alumni League. #MaishaWalker
  • @RosettaThurman – Founder of @HappyBlackWoman, a supportive community which empowers women through personal development & entrepreneurship, Rosetta Thurman is sharing her journey with others, and inspiring them to do more.  She is an author, speaker, coach, and mentor, connect with her at #HappyBlackWoman

Now, it’s your turn… Shout out the women that have inspired you through the work they do & share their contact information so we can connect with them as well!

About the Author, Chike Uzoka

Chike_Uzoka_2014Chike “EntrepreneurCoach” Uzoka is a Certified Small Business Coach, entrepreneur, public speaker, and author. His organization, Valentine Global, specializes in entrepreneurial education including but not limited to: workshops, seminars, curricula, and age-appropriate, interactive games. Clients include United Way, Rutgers University, The NAACP, Columbia University, The Eagle Academy for Young Men, Black Enterprise, Princeton University, NYC Business Solutions, and World of Money.  In 2012, he published The Young Man’s Guide to Entrepreneurship: 16 Things You Need to Know, a best-seller on Amazon.  You can find out more about Chike at




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