Parliamentary Procedure at NY Urban League Young Professionals

20140930 GRIOT

If you did not attend the September 2014 General Body Meeting, you missed out! There are definitely a lot of positive changes on the horizon.

For our returning members, did you notice anything different at the September General Body Meeting, besides the installation of the new Executive Board?! Hopefully, you were pleasantly surprised that the GBM was actually “called to order” and “adjourned” in a timely fashion. Well, with the addition of a Parliamentarian to the Executive Board, the New York Urban League Young Professionals is making strides towards adopting and implementing parliamentary procedure in its business affairs.

As the inaugural Parliamentarian, I have created a three-pronged strategic goal: (1) to effectively assist NYULYP in adopting the 11th edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, which is the most widely accepted guide to parliamentary procedure; (2) to organize professional development and training opportunities for members to learn about the basics of parliamentary procedure; and (3) to become a Registered Parliamentarian, further ensuring that NYULYP is functioning at the highest level of professionalism and excellence.

So what does this mean for YOU?

You may have seen it in action at the National Urban League Conference, but expect parliamentary procedure to be implemented at all NYULYP business meetings, including Executive Board Meetings, General Body Meetings (GBMs), and Committee Meetings. Every month, you will also be challenged with parliamentary-related questions, taken from the National Association of Parliamentarians’ Membership Exam.  Hopefully, you can also be well on your way to becoming a nationally recognized parliamentarian (it’s a great side hustle!) and appreciate orderly, expeditious and efficient meetings. So look out for them in the GRIOT, the weekly news blast and/or at every General Body Meeting!

As an additional membership benefit, each financially active NYULYP member will receive a Basic Information Leaflet.  This serves as a handy reference guide, that includes charts summarizing the basic characteristics of motions, the procedure for handling a main motion, a sample agenda/order of business, and information on voting and amendments.

So if you have any questions and/or want to learn more about how you can become a parliamentarian, contact me at!

About the Author

20140930 GRIOT2Beatrice Lors is a proud alumna of the University of Pittsburgh, where she recently earned joint Master of Public Health (MPH) and Master of Social Work (MSW) degrees, with a focus in behavioral & community health sciences and community organization & social administration, respectively. Beatrice is committed to social justice and dedicated to supporting disadvantaged, minority and immigrant groups. An active community member, she has served in various positions throughout various organizations serving adolescents, young women and children, and the Haitian community. Having joined the YP family in 2010 through the Greater Pittsburgh Chapter, Beatrice has been calling NYULYP her home since she returned to her native Brooklyn, NY; and most recently, married fellow NYULYP member Jonathan Rousseau. They are now living in Westchester County.


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