HBCU College Fair Panelist Preview: Dariana Colon-Bibb

Dariana Colon Bibb Headshot

We’re previewing the panelists who will be talking about the HBCU experience at the New York Urban League’s HBCU College Fair on November 14th at Riverbank State Park– make sure you register! First up: NYULYP Secretary Dariana Colon-Bibb!

What is your favorite on campus memory?

My favorite on campus memory is winning my Freshman Year Step Show Competition in April 2007. At Spelman, our step groups (outside of Greeks) are freshman year students broken into geographical location; so we have the Dirty South, Midwest/West and of course the East Coast! We practiced every day for 3.5 months preparing for the step show. Our team had not won first place in a few years so there was a lot of pressure. Our theme was “street kids” (think Bébé’s Kids) and we incorporated as much East Coast culture as possible (which was tough with a mostly Southern crowd) but our East Coast supporters pulled through and our handwork was worth it when we held that first place trophy. To top it all off it was the day before my 19th birthday and my whole family surprised me by attending the show. Best day ever!

Why did you choose to attend an HBCU?

I have been blessed with a diverse educational experience and was afforded the opportunity to attend boarding school in Andover, MA. I did not think about attending an HBCU while in high school (I actually wanted to attend a PWI) but my older brother attended Morehouse College about a decade prior to me and he was a great force in me choosing Spelman. I had no other familial ties or reasons, it was mainly a gut decision. My first time on campus was when I was dropped off for Freshman Orientation. It was a tough initial transition but ended up being one of the best decisions of my life.

What’s the most memorable quote you remember from your HBCU experience?

At Spelman College we are given “a choice to change the world” and our school “mantra” really pushes me. The idea that we have a choice is so profound and allows for a level of human responsibility and purpose that keeps me focused.

Panelist Bio

Dariana Colon-Bibb graduated from Spelman College in 2010 with a Bachelors of Arts in English Studies. She has worked in the media, education and fashion/beauty industries over the course of ten years in various assistantships, internships and company positions. In 2012, she founded the public relations and brand management company, Rebelle Agency, to inspire creative vision for brands and campaigns.

Every opportunity has allowed Dariana to hone her skills as a results-driven, focused worker but more importantly as a source of information and resources for industry colleagues and friends. What she quickly learned was that she loved networking and connecting people. Dariana’s tenacity and natural ability to develop relationships in diverse social settings is in part due to her matriculation at the boarding high school, Phillips Academy Andover and growing up in Harlem, NY. She credits her passion forpeople and her upbringing for her entrepreneurial spirit.

She currently lives and works in New York City while building Rebelle Agency and future companies.


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