HBCU College Fair Panelist Preview: Errol Brown

Errol Brown

We’re previewing the panelists who will be talking about the HBCU experience at the New York Urban League’s HBCU College Fair on November 14th at Riverbank State Park– make sure you register! Next up: Texas Southern University Graduate Errol Brown!

What is your favorite on campus memory?

The two weeks after 9/11, had only being at TSU for less than a month, I saw my school as one big family, I had those I had never spoken to check on me, make sure that I was okay, away from home. Freshman jitters dissipated, we united and I knew it would quickly be my second home.

Why did you choose to attend an HBCU?

What started as “completing the family legacy” ended up being the best decision for me. Texas Southern proved a more family environment with those who look like me than other schools I was accepted to.

What’s the most memorable quote you remember from your HBCU experience?

“Take a Chance. Continue a Legacy.”

Panelist Bio

Errol T. Brown was born to Stanley Brown Sr., and F. Lynn Brown in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in July 1983. The youngest sibling of Stanley Jr., Deytra, Trent & Janel, the family moved to Chicago in 1995. Amongst being accepted to University of Tennessee, The Ohio State University, University of Kansas and Florida State University, Errol chose to carry the family legacy and attend the family alma mater, Texas Southern University.

Here at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas, Errol would go on to gain life-long skills that groomed his confidence, created a healthy network and gain access to community building skills. TSU not only gave him an education, but gave an understanding to what an African-American male needs in the work force, further, how to deal with real-life issues. For the first time, he gets to know what community is. The wealth of student, organization, staff, administration support at its finest, Errol is drawn to participate in many organizations such as American Marketing Association, TSU chapter, Student Government Association, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated and The Chicago Club.

Going to various schools before and after Texas Southern, mostly predominant white institutions, Texas Southern gave Errol a sense of belonging and family. “My heart bleeds for TSU. TSU…. U KNOOOWW…..!”

Several years after attaining his MBA from DePaul University, Errol is the Regional Operations Director for Crunch Fitness, over the Manhattan and Brooklyn market. With 10 years in working in operations leadership in hospitality, he has proven success with companies such as Marriott Hotels, W Hotels, Kimpton Hotels and SoHo House.

Recently married in September 2015, Errol resides in Harlem. His current passion includes supporting HBCUs, alumni and those who aspire to attend them.


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