Holiday Party Fashion Preview

It’s beginning to look a lot like…cocktails!

The holiday party season is upon us! Lucrative red lips, sultry, smoky eyes and all metallic EVERYTHING will be on display at the Black Professional “Party With a Purpose” this Wednesday at Orbit New York!

Everyone’s fond of the ever so classic “cocktail dress,” so how about browsing the closet (or nearest retailer, no shame) for something a tad bit more…unconventional this year? Check out the fashion preview below and click each picture to go directly to each look where the items are individually listed!

#1 Party Pants

Tis the season for festive pants! My personal fave are culottes (pictured below) because you can pair them with practically anything. A boxy top or cropped sweater can read uptown chic, while a larger or oversized dress shirt can read more edgy and sleek. Printed pants, be it wide-leg or skinny, paired with a tie-neck top or sizable vest are also great choices! Top this off with a dashing heel – and by dashing, I mean one of the hundred pairs likely already own. Pants are an open book; various styles and shapes appeal, but the happy ending is personal.

#2 Jovial Jumpsuits

Remaining in the arena of pants, jumpsuits are great alternatives to the classic holiday dress! Each jumpsuit is peculiar in its own way, ranging in color, fit and detail, while continuing to present elegance and maintain comfort (except, ladies you know). This piece stands alone very well! A prominent clutch and a few accessories will have you #ON for the night!


#3 Denim Essentials

Denim is a way of life, therefore, being appropriate for most occasions, holiday parties included. Specifically, holiday parties with purposes. This one! Remember, black or dark jeans are the go-to guys for this instance. A slinky, sequin top or plunging bodysuit will do nothing less than captivate your audience. Wear with a black blazer and metallic pumps to top it all off!


#4 Merry Militant

The utilitarian color trend of olives and khakis has definitely earned its name as the “New Neutral.” These earthy shades are as easily worn as gray, black and white, and can be seamlessly incorporated into any ensemble. A turtleneck midi, which is a great basic for winter (or whatever season we’re in) is paired effortlessly with a shearling vest for a luxe look. Dark, berry colors and luminous gold accessories are my absolute favorite to pair with earth tones. It adds just the right amount of intensity!


Don’t forget to come out and Party With a Purpose this Wednesday, December 16th at 6 p.m. at the Black Urban Professional Holiday party! Wear what you love, and absolutely LOVE what you wear! Also, #dowhatyouwantcauseyoupoppin

Happy Holiday Partying!

shawndrekaShawndreka Gatlin (IG: @SweetDreks) is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana and holds a B.S. in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. She is currently employed by Saks Fifth Avenue as a Digital Merchandise Assistant. One of Shawndreka’s goals, as a member of the fashion industry, is to help individuals understand that one does not have to live outside of their means to be considered “fashionable.”



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